Turkey Tail Mushrooms

Medicinal Mushrooms


A mushroom is a fleshy body of a fungus that are found in areas typically found along the ground where they source their food source. The parts of a mushroom are the stem, the cap and the gills which are responsible for the production of spores that allow the fungus to spread in the surface. What makes the mushrooms important is that they have healing benefits and there are mushrooms that are termed healing mushrooms because they provide valuable medicinal properties to the human body.


There are some mushrooms worth mentioning such as the Reishi or also regarded as the treasured mushroom of immortality and this is widely studied and most popular of the mushroom species. They have been found to have medicinal benefits since the ancient times and times and have been called the Great Protector and The Herb of Good Fortune by Oriental's who have used them.


The modern science has researched and studied this species and have found that is contains high quantities of complex sugars and polysaccharides that have been known to help boost the immune system and increase bone marrow activity. They are known to be beneficial in the treatment of cancer, they disrupt and inhibit viral and bacterial pathogens as well as providing liver protection and improving liver function.


Other health benefits are reducing blood sugar levels and blood pressure, it also promotes good blood circulation and inhibit platelet aggregation thereby increasing blood oxygen absorption and tissue oxygenation. Because in boosts the immune system, chaga mushrooms also protects us from allergies through the inhibition of histamine release.


It is also an anti-oxidant, anti-arthritic and have anti-inflammatory properties. Most of the people eating reishi mushroom have been found to more happy and live a less stressful life because the mushroom have anti-depression, calming and stress relieving properties.  One of the local specie of reishi mushroom it the turkey tail which are fungi with similar benefits as Reishi, and more.


They are polypores and are known to have immune enhancing properties, anti-cancer and anti- bacterial protection.  Medicinal turkey tail mushroom have now been shown to be a natural source of vitamin D. The exposure of Mushrooms to sunlight will be able to store up to 46,000 IU in a 100 g of mushroom. The intake of at least 10 grams of these mushrooms that have been exposed to sunlight for two days will be able to suffice for the daily requirement of the body's vitamin D.

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